TT1 (6)

Finding a bag has always been a next-to-impossible task for me. You can ask my folks who attest to this, after having sworn to never accompany me while I’m out looking for one.  It’s no surprise that I always end up with only one bag which I use and overuse until it’s given me back the worth of each penny paid. No, not because I’m cheap! :O But because shopping for a new bag is no more than a daunting punishment for me.

Last month one of the most important things on my Birthday-wish-list, amongst others, was a bag. All I wanted was one bag that I could carry to work with all my daily earthly requirements in it. I can easily say that I searched everywhere only to be shocked and disappointed.

This month however has been the craziest in terms of bag frenzy. Last week on a stroll to the nearest mall the impossible happened. I ended up spotting the most awesome bags ever! Long story short I ended up picking 4 bags in a matter of 2 hours (hide my face). Now I’m sure we’ve all been witness to days when we’re wearing invisible blinkers to avoid anything from tempting us and on that very day the shops display the best of goodies. Covered in shame and shuffling between my  debit cards, in my mind I made a promise to not pick up any bag (even if it fell on me from out of nowhere) for the next 6 months!

That next day at work unfortunately or fortunately I came across Toteteca Bags. An online boutique, that allows you to customize, design and create your own handbags. Needless to say by evening I was back to shuffling between debit cards. Here’s what I created in no more than 4 easy steps which included choosing from a  gallery of bag designs, color of the faux-leather,  lining color and a personalized monogram.

TT1 TT1 (1) TT1 (3) TT1 (4)

The bag arrived in a week’s time with and I must say I’m very happy with the work done. This is by far one of my most favorite bags. Its chic, light, spacious, just the right size and at Rs.1,900 easy on your wallet too.


Top: Zara, Pants:  Code, Shoes: Bata, Accessories: Splash, Ring: FabIndia, Bag:

Photograph Courtesy: Vrushali Desai Bhattacharya


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